Do you have a greyhound that you can no longer look after or provide a home for? If so, we are interested in a greyhound and have done plenty of research on the breed. We have children and a cat, so he/she must be okay with both. We are looking for a way to adopt a greyhound without having to travel off island, taking the kids and spending the night in a hotel in order to take the course that comes with the dogs (we can do the course online if we stay on island) We are very serious about having a greyhound because of the information we have read about them. If you can no longer provide a home for yours - please contact us and we can meet! There is someone home almost all of the time so the dog would never be left alone as one of us is self employed! We also have an ex large crate if we need it and we are close to a fenced in ball park where we can take the dog to run. We would be willing to let you come to our home and meet our entire family before you make your decision!